Our Style

Our style & attitude is very relaxed. We try to be as unobtrusive as we can be, it’s your wedding day not our film set.

Our aim is to make you forget that you are being filmed. Laughter, smiles, hugs & tears is what we love to capture. To do this well means we need to be hidden for most of the day, the best footage we capture is when the person has no idea they were being filmed.

The wedding day is about you, not us or our cameras. With that in mind we try to keep my setup as light & small as I can without compromising quality or style.

We film the majority of the day in such a way that I can turn the footage into slow motion- something we absolutely love to do as it allows us to create powerful, thought provoking moments in your film or really highlight a certain emotion or moment. We use a variety of cameras & stabilisers to create the best look for your wedding- that is to say, We adapt how we film depending on your venue & day, as not all techniques will work in all situations.

Smooth shots are a must-have for me in my wedding films & we try to incorporate movement where we can to give a more organic & natural flow to the film. In the evenings when you & your wedding guests are celebrating on the dance floor you’ll find us right there with you, which allows us to get some really great in-the-action style dancing shots.

We place a lot of value on audio recording & we use a variety of recorders throughout your day to capture your wedding ceremony, your speeches, any readings or letters in the very best quality possible. We then use these recordings to overlay onto your film so that the people most special to you, the people who were a big part of your wedding day are also a big part of your wedding film & they help to tell your story.